Loving Life and My Hair

Thursday, May 17, 2007

This a little tie-up I did to get my hair out of my face. The other picture is my sister's friend, he had cut his locks now he is growing them out again. I think once you have locks you really miss them when they are gone and seems as if most people grow them again.

Dr. Martin L. King Park in North Carolina

May 12, 2007 we all attended the Phd Hooding Ceremony for my sister in North Carolina. We are very proud of her and all have a great time.

Mother/Daughter/Sister Breakfast

My sister and I attended the Platinum Grits Annual Breakfast and everything was just wonderful, this is the first time we have attended. It was held April 21, 2007 in Dallas at the Melrose Hotel.
Some of the ladies from the DFW Sisterlocks Gathering were also there, everyone looked beautiful as always. The food was just great and all the ladies seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and sisterhood was all around the room.