Loving Life and My Hair

Monday, March 27, 2006

Birds of a Feather

This is a pic of a lady and myself that was taken at our Delta Sigma Theta Founder's Day Celebration that was held in Killeen, Texas on February 25, 2006. Whenever I go somewhere I always look around for other ladies who have come over to the natural side and talk to them about their journey and take a picture if I can. I thought this lady's hair was so nice, just beautiful not only was it natural... also has the beautiful grey (diamonds) hair as stated by another locked sister. We talked and she told me how she simply loved her hair now. She has the twists, has not decided to lock as of yet she is just enjoying not having to deal with the creamy crack (relaxer) any longer. She did make a comment to me that I will not forget and I understand completely. She said "I will never go back to the perm", several people are always asking me what I will do with my hair when I no longer want the locks and I said I will want them forever. I don't see any other alternative for me, because I know I do not want to go back to the perm either and I am just too happy being nappy and free..

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Memory-of.com - Memorial website in memory of Dalerick Williams (1980-2004) This is the website I did for my son who passed away almost 2 years ago. March 31, 2006 will be two years that he passed away and went to be with the Lord. I miss him so much and I just long to talk to him sometimes and just hear his laughter. He was such a talented person and had a heart of gold. He really loved my natural hair and he always gave me compliments on how nice it looked, I am sure he's smiling down and saying "Momma still has it going on with her locks".

Monday, March 13, 2006

Pic of Me

This is a pic of me that my son took with his new camera. I don't know what happened with the post I did yesterday. I am trying to get more familiar with doing post and having them show up when they should.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

All in the Family....

I haven't been writing very much on my blog lately because I have been kinda busy or rather just not getting online as much. I really enjoy reading other blogs, but it doesn't seem as if anyone is coming to my blog and leaving any comments. I sent it to all of my sisters but they couldn't figure out to leave a comment, they are not as computer capable as I am and that's not saying much because I can't figure out how to add any links to mine and send out information to let the world know that I am here. This is a pic of my sisters and my mother we are all nappy and free. Loving it more and more each day.