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Monday, June 25, 2007

Ness Wedding Reception

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I have just been tagged, now I have to write 7 things about myself that the people who visit my blog doesn't know about me.

1. I love my college alma mater, every year I go back for the homecoming parade and football game. I graduated from Prairie View A & M University and I just love the purple and gold. My college life was the best time of my life and I have great friends who I met while I was there and we are all still very close. The last couple years we have been going it has been raining and they had to cancel the parade but the football game went on, I just love to see the "The Storm" the marching band. My mother graduated from PVU, my sister and my self. My oldest son also attended there, before he passed away.. It is a family tradition, although my youngest son does not want to attend. I am still hoping he attends another HBCU, because there's nothing like it.

2. I love to read, mostly black authors and romantic story lines. I am always buying books whenever I go somewhere, usually I can find some of my favorite authors at bookstores like, Barnes and Nobles on sale very cheap. I have had to buy a couple of new book shelves because I need more room for my books. What do you do with the books, after you have read them.. I keep them.

3. I took piano lessons for a long time when I was a child, but I didn't really appreciate it, now I am trying to practice again because I want to play now. My son is so gifted on the keyboard and piano, he can just hear a song and start to play it himself in a very short time.. He will play some of the songs I like, but not all.. so I am trying to pick it up again. Wish me well..

4. I love to travel, every year since my children were small I started traveling and vacationing in the summer to get a tradition going. When we were children we didn't get to travel much, during the summer months our favorite pass time was just staying home or going to visit our school friends who didn't go anywhere either. Our only summer outings were going to the local movie, walking to the Diary Queen and the big thing was going to Temple, Texas for school clothes.

5. I have five sisters and we are very close, we call ourselves "The Fabulous Five", but I don't have any brothers, but I do have a cousin who is like a brother to me. We are very close and we used to talk to each other every week when the tv show "Soul Food" was on. We would watch it and then call and talk about what went on and how we thought it should be or not be. We traveled to Disney World in Florida together one year and had a great time because I didn't have to do too much of the driving because all his friends and their wives and kids went also, and as it goes most men think they can drive better than a woman. We had six car loads of people, about 24 of us in all. It was an adventure going through some of the little southern towns getting out at the bathroom.. Although all of them are over forty, they all have small children and we had to stop several times for bathroom breaks. He has two sons and they idolize my youngest son, they think he knows everything. Maybe one day they all will take trips together with their wives and kids.

6. I love going to casinos, but I am not addicted. My sister and I will go from time to time and just play about $30.00 or maybe a little more. We usually just play the penny machines so we can have more playing time. I love to heard the machines go and if the games doesn't make too much noise I am off to another machine.

7. I use to be a real country girl when I was young because my dad didn't have any boys so we girls had to do all the chores, like feeding the pigs, chasing the cows when they got out and all the other things you do when you have farm animals. A couple of my sisters were afraid or the cows when they got out so I was the one who have to chase them back home and sometimes when my oldest sister would see the cows coming toward her she would let them go pass the fence so we had to chase them back and we didn't have any horses. We use to always have pork and beef, I think that is why I don't eat steak today or any beef really because we had it too much growing up.

Sorry I don't know who to tag next, but I will look back and see who hasn't been tagged.